“Did you jսmр out yоսrsеlf?” Bella’s niррlе dеcidеs to cоmе оut on its оwn

“Did you jսmр out yоսrsеlf?” Bella’s niррlе dеcidеs to cоmе оut on its оwn

Do you have that one super-risqué top in your wardrobe that’s bound to get you more attention than you’re emotionally prepared for? Yep, you know the one! I’m talking about that one slinky, boob-bearing, plunging neckline, no-bra-required top that will forever live in the back of your closet since you’re still working up the nerve to bust it out.

Unfortunately, my own top will probably never see the light of day, but when you’re Bella freakin’ Hadid, any day is a good day to whip it out!

In case you haven’t been keeping up with Bella’s Instagram, she is currently on the most envy-inducing vacation in Saint Barthélemy—you may know it as that rich-people-only, French Caribbean island of St. Barts—and Bella is bringing out all the ~lewks~ possible for her IG feed. Well, technically, Bella is promoting her new line of sunglasses in collaboration with Chrome Hearts, but you need an outfit to go with sunglasses, amirite?

Bella donned an all-white ensemble consisting of white pants and a completely sheer, slinky halter top, which means—you guessed it! Bella decided to free the nipple while posing for pictures on the beach.

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Looks! Were! Served!!! But of course, this isn’t the first time Bella deliberately freed the nipple with her choice of clothing. Last month, Bella faked a #FreeTheNipple moment by wearing a black Alexander Wang bodysuit with pearl nipple piercing attachments—yes, really. And then back in September, Bella wore a sheer top with a bomber jacket (casual) during London Fashion Week, just because.

Sooo it kinda goes without saying, but Bella loves being basically braless (try saying that five times fast!). I mean, can you blame her though? Literally nothing in this world beats the feeling of flinging your bra to the wind…or to your laundry basket.

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“Did you jսmр out yоսrsеlf?” Bella’s niррlе dеcidеs to cоmе оut on its оwn
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