“You can envy her!” 45-year-old Eva Longoria boasted a steel press

After the actress became a mother for the first time almost three years ago, her volumes almost doubled. Add to this the missing waist and the grown tummy. Eva turned into a plus-size model and could not get in shape. She tried to hide her plump body behind oversized outfits, but they only added extra centimeters to the actress.

It wasn’t until last year that Longoria took herself seriously. It seems that the star has iron willpower. She did not reveal her secrets about losing weight, but in the photo of the paparazzi, it became clear that the famous beauty had lost at least a dozen extra pounds. But Eve didn’t stop there.

Judging by the pictures on Instagram (an extremist organization banned in Russia) of the actress, she literally moved to the gym – Longoria posted training videos almost every day.

In addition, I did not forget about jogging, swimming, and other activities that also help burn excess fat. And finally showed the result.

Without any filters and not even from the most favorable angle, it is clear that the star mommy now has perfect shapes and a perfectly pumped-up body. And her steel press can only be envied. Great motivation to go to the gym and boast at least half of that fitness success by the summer too!

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“You can envy her!” 45-year-old Eva Longoria boasted a steel press
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