Megan’s skirt is too tight on her hips! Amazing spectacle

Megan’s skirt is too tight on her hips! Amazing spectacle

The actress clearly overestimated her slimness.

Megan Fox has been dating Machine Gun Kelly rapper Colson Baker for over four months now.

At first, the couple hid the romance, but now they no longer consider it necessary to hide from the public. They frankly confess their love to each other on social networks, often go out somewhere together and, without hesitation, kiss and hug in public.

The other day, the paparazzi filmed Megan and Coulson on another date. And the look of Fox disappointed her fans. The beautiful actress this time could hardly serve as a model of style:

the girl was dressed in a black knitted sweater and a tight leopard print skirt. The latter literally cracked on the hips of the star, and the small incision was stretched so tight that it seemed that the skirt simply began to diverge along the seam.

Judging by how the leopard spots changed their original shape, the skirt turned out to be at least a couple of sizes too small for the actress.

By the way, the haters once again did not fail to notice that partly because of the unsuccessful and irrelevant outfit, and partly because of the numerous plastic surgeries, Fox looks almost like her boyfriend’s mother.

Although in fact the age difference between them is not at all critical: Megan is 34 years old, and Coulson is 30.

However, the main thing is that Baker is crazy about his beloved and does not get tired of proving it every day: flowers, gifts, romantic confessions …

Recall that Baker and Fox met on the set of the movie Midnight in the Cereal Field. Later, the actress admitted that she fell in love with Coulson at first sight.

“I think we are actually two halves of the same soul,” she said in an interview. The strong feelings were mutual. According to the musician, he was waiting for Megan for ages.

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Megan’s skirt is too tight on her hips! Amazing spectacle
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