Ваred in old age! Heidi wore a dress that showed more than it hid

Ваred in old age! Heidi wore a dress that showed more than it hid

Outfit supermodel looks very provocative.

Heidi Klum will celebrate her 50th birthday this summer. But this does not prevent her from impressing fans with her bright beauty.

The famous German woman seemed to have guessed the form of eternal youth. She looks stunning on the red carpet and on ordinary alleys and causes envy among young models.

By the way, Klum is the mother of four children, but the consequences of pregnancy and childbirth did not seem to touch her figure. And now she has proved it once again.

On the red carpet of the iHeartRadio Music Awards, the supermodel appeared in a very spicy Julien Macdonald dress, in which there were much more cuts and cutouts than fabric. How does it even hold onto Heidi?

Only upon closer examination it became clear that in fact, there is a transparent tissue in the chest area. However, she still does not hide anything: you can see almost everything.

Recall that in order to maintain such an ideal shape, the model works out in the gym every day, and on the eve of important events increases the number of workouts.

And Heidi has repeatedly said that she does not approve and does not practice debilitating diets, but prefers to eat healthy food: she eats fruits, vegetables and a lot of protein, and occasionally allows herself pranks, for example, German cookies.

The result is literally obvious – a stunning figure, long chiseled legs, a graceful waist excite the minds of millions of men.
Although the fans have nothing to hope for.

The heart of this beauty belongs to her young husband Tom Kaulitz, and the difference of 17 years does not bother the lovers at all.

And why be embarrassed if, in a pair, Heidi looks the same age as her husband, and Tom is insanely proud of her beautiful wife, who loves revealing outfits and gladly demonstrates a chic figure

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Ваred in old age! Heidi wore a dress that showed more than it hid
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