“I am the proud grandmother of five grandchildren!” 57-year-old supermodel responded to criticism of the swimsuit photo

It all started with the fact that Paulina Porizkova published her photo on Instagram, in which she showed a figure in black underwear. “Almost 58? Must be a grandmother and knit by the fireplace. Well! I am the proud grandmother of five grandchildren, I myself knitted the sweater that I am wearing, and I am standing by the fireplace,” she signed the picture.

There were a lot of negative comments under the post. “Of course, this is what women look like at 58 with lots of money, access to the best non-invasive therapies, invasive procedures, fillers, Botox, lasers, red light therapy, collagen stimulating procedures, trainers, personal chefs, expensive food, etc. I look like this at 59 years old without all this,” wrote one lady. “But you haven’t aged beautifully. You look old, you just have good data,” said another.
The model was asked to stop showing off her naked body almost in her seventies, and many noted that she did not look like the average woman of her age. So her attempts to represent ladies over 50, whom she recommends to love and not be ashamed of herself, were called ridiculous, writes Spletnik.

Porizkova collected the most unpleasant comments for herself in a separate post and answered the haters. “A lot of the unkind comments are related to the fact that I need approval – which is partly true, I really need to be noticed, I like to express myself. However, the comments that I like the least are that because I am tall and slim “I’m not allowed to represent women my age because I don’t look like a typical woman my age. I’m not trying to represent all women my age. How can I? And who could? Don’t we all look different, and Isn’t that our beauty, our uniqueness?” she wrote.

Porizkova urged everyone to learn to love themselves: “What is really sad is that women, because of their insecurities, cannot find the strength in themselves to love themselves for who they are. Love your body. Instead, they will compare, envy, shame others and try to get others to do the same. The only thing you can really do is just be yourself and live your life.”
American supermodel of Czech origin Paulina Porizkova began her modeling career in the 1980s in Paris. At 18, she became the first model from Eastern Europe to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In August 1987, she posed for Playboy magazine.

Porizkova is known for being openly opposed to ageism. In her blog, she repeatedly wrote about the right of women not to paint over their gray hair and published nude photos of herself, condemning the fact that “sexuality and nudity are welcomed in a woman’s youth, but condemned in maturity.”
Paulina Porizkova is not going to put an end to her personal life either. Not so long ago, the model broke up with American screenwriter, director, and producer Aaron Sorkin, with whom she appeared at the Oscars in 2021.

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“I am the proud grandmother of five grandchildren!” 57-year-old supermodel responded to criticism of the swimsuit photo
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