Appetizing buns! Sofia is stunning in this hot swimsսit

Appetizing buns! Sofia is stunning in this hot swimsսit

Throwing on a beach suit on the weekend just feels different, and Sofa Vergara knows exactly what I mean. Over the weekend, the Modern Family actress shared a few jaw-dropping Instagram photos of herself sporting a stunning leopard-print one-piece swimsսit, and it is absolutely everything.

The photographs reveal the 49-year-old’s impressively toned legs, bottom, and arms from every aspect. “Finally the weekend!! solecito #hm #gettingreadyforsummer,” she captioned the photo.

And, predictably, everyone immediately freaked out. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?” wrote Sarah Hyland, her Modern Family co-star. “Goalssssss,” another user said.

50-year-old (for a moment) Sofia Vergara shocked fans with her perfect figure in a new picture in a biкini. We also do not understand what shamanistic conspiracies she uses to maintain such a figure …

In the photo, the actress posed in a mirror in a black biкini, which unrealistically emphasized her figure. Comments immediately filled with flattering compliments and enthusiastic questions:

“Remind me how old she is? 24?” joked one fan, while another added: “She is sеxy for a 20 year old and she is even 50?! Nothing, damn it.” Another comment just sounded our thoughts: “Do you ever get old?”

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