Sagging belly and cellulite: Jessica Alba was captured on the beach by paparazzi

Jessica Alba now rarely appears in public. Once, this beauty was marveled at by millions of men around the world, and the girls really envied her.

The slender and graceful star attracted loving eyes like a magnet. And even after giving birth to two kids, her figure stayed as slender as it was before.

But after the birth of her third child, Jessica gave up. She gained a lot of excess weight and could not return to her earlier forms.

But determination and willpower did their job. Alba returned to intense training, and the result was not long in coming.

The celebrity has practically retired from her acting career and devoted herself to business and family. Thus, she rarely appears on the red carpet now.

Though, the paparazzi lately organized to take a few pictures of the star during her vacation on one of the beaches in Hawaii.

She was holidaying with her husband. And some fans revealed that they would not even identify the star if they met her on the coast.

Jessica’s figure is not ideal: her breasts are sagging, there is cellulite on the hips, and the green bikini clearly highlighted the flaws.

But the actress is already 41 years old, and she looks good for her age.

Alba even wrote a book, “Sincere Beauty”, where she told how she handles keeping her youth. For instance, she acknowledged that she eats only organic products and drinks pure water to keep her skin hydrated.

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Sagging belly and cellulite: Jessica Alba was captured on the beach by paparazzi
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