Chris Pratt was homeless and had no money to eat until he became famous and gave his mother a house…

Chris Pratt was raised in a lowly household. His father, Dan, was a contractor, while his mother, Kathy, worked in a supermarket.

Kathy constantly made sure that her kids knew they were adored. Although the actor and Dan did not get along well, he can now look back and appreciate the things Dan taught him.

At the age of 23, Pratt made his mother’s first significant purchase as a “well-paid” actor: a home. He suffered from not having one before he became an actor and is aware of the hardships his family has faced in the past, so the gift was crucial.

achieving his goal

Chris was raised in Washington state but was born in Minnesota in 1979. In order to work as a coupon salesman for a multi-level marketing scam, he dropped out of college.

He traveled to Maui, Hawaii, to pursue his desire to be an artist after realizing his future was not in sales. Chris wrote in a blog post about the time in his life:

“I had to labor long hours and endure hunger. I had to consume sardines and find a way to pay for gas. I also never had a backup plan.

He was left camping on the beach with a friend as he had nowhere to live. He was far from his family’s affection and security back home. Though his primary concern was for his survival, his enormous desire gave him hope. He had faith that one day he would succeed.

Despite the difficulties, Chris looks back on that time in his life with fondness. He used to work as a waiter at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co, where he did his job enthusiastically. He would interact with them by singing them a happy birthday or playing trivia games.

One day, Rae Dawn Chong, a filmmaker, and actress, noticed him and gave him his first role in “Cursed Part 3.” Following that, he took part in TV shows like Bright Abbot in “Everwood” and Ché in the well-known adolescent drama “The OC.”

He also dabbled in acting, playing little parts in movies like “Jeniffer’s Body” and “Moneyball,” to name a couple. Chris Pratt was headed there and prepared to seize every chance.

Chris approached the character with his signature passion and fearlessness in his audition for the part of Andy Dwyer on “Parks and Recreation,” and it worked. Co-creator Mike Shur recalled that audition, as quoted by LADbible:

This guy is the funniest individual we’ve ever seen; therefore, we need to reconsider. He won’t be allowed to go by us.


Pratt solidified his reputation as a comic actor and fan favorite by persuading the show’s creators to turn the guest appearance into a permanent position.

Executives in the film industry at last paid attention to Chris. When they saw that he was a growing star, Hollywood pounded on his door.

2014 marked a turning point for Pratt. In “The Lego Movie” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” he played Peter Quill/Star-Lord and Emmet Brickowski, respectively.

He has now established himself as a prominent star, starring in blockbuster films and showcasing his versatility in a variety of genres, including comedy, drama, thriller, and science fiction.

The fourth “Jurassic Park” film in the series, “Jurassic World,” was his most successful production. Alongside Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke in the remake of “The Magnificent Seven,” she experienced another career-defining moment.

For his mom, a house

With the money from his first lucrative part, Pratt, then 23 years old, purchased a home for his mother. He felt as though he was ending a cycle that had started when they were young and faced difficult circumstances.

“In our lives, there was never any question as to whether we were loved or not. Never. You gave us a sense of security. You gave us toughness. You maintained our focus. “You gave us haircuts and prepared dinners,” Chris wrote on Instagram to his mother.

According to the actor’s social media posts, Kathy is a significant person in his life. He admires her for her generosity, acceptance of others, and upbeat view of life.


The “Parks and Recreation” actor also attributes his ability to act to his mother. Mom’s children knew they could rely on her to transform a routine task into a performance as they grew up.

However, the “Jurassic World” actor’s connection with his father was complicated. He characterizes his father, a contractor, as determined, committed, and also “old-fashioned.”

Chris’s father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when he was in his 20s. Dan’s self-assurance decreased. He was capable of taking on any task, but his intelligence and abilities were no match for the disease.

Dan eventually gave up, which caused his friendship with Pratt’s mother to sour. In 2014, he passed away.

Speaking of his father, Chris was grateful that Dan had expressed his pride in his son in his own special way. He assumed that since his father watched everything on television, he might get in touch with him through his job.

Chris Pratt is now the delighted father of three children: Jack (10) and Lyla (2) and Eloise (8 months) with his second wife Katherine Schwarzenegger and Jack (2) and Eloise (8 months) with his first wife, Anna Faris.

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Chris Pratt was homeless and had no money to eat until he became famous and gave his mother a house…
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