A rude mother ridicules a “dirty” stranger in a store, so he reveals his true identity on Facebook…

Andy Ross of Vancouver, Washington was out running errands when he encountered a lady and her little daughter in a very unexpected manner.

When entering a store, he observed a young girl staring at him. He admittedly had some grime on his face after a long day of building work in the heat.

The young girl and her mother arrived in front of Andy as he was paying for his groceries, still staring at him.

As they proceeded to the exit, Andy observed the mother point at him. Then she quietly reminded her daughter, “That is why you need to stay in school.”

Wow. Andy, who is engaged to his girlfriend Jenna and a devoted father to his son, had some harsh words for the critical woman. He published an open letter to her on Facebook in which he explained why it is inappropriate to judge a book by its cover.

There were many things about Andy that they did not know.

Andy Ross of Vancouver, Washington was running errands when he encountered a judgmental mother and her little daughter.

Now, his extraordinary reply is becoming viral on Facebook:

Today, I had a very educational talk with a mother and her daughter. As I visited the store on my way home from work, a little girl started gazing at me. Which is proper. I am aware that children are interested when they see someone as filthy as I was. They arrived in front of me as I was paying for my items.

Her mother admonished the child to stop staring as she continued to do so.

When they exited the room, I overheard her mother whisper to her daughter, “This is why you need to stay in school.”

I believed this to be an ideal opportunity to teach this mother and her 7/8-year-old daughter.

Our conversation is as follows:” “First of all, I am a highly educated, filthy man. In addition to a high school diploma, I also possess a bachelor’s degree and numerous medical certificates.

Thus, presuming that I am uneducated based on my appearance is pretty foolish.”
“Second, if you tell your daughter to stay in school because I have tattoos up and down my arms, this will actually stifle her creativity and impede her imagination as she grows,” the author continues.

“Again, your point is paradoxical, ma’am. I am pleased with the tattoos and artwork that Forrest Bateman created for me.

It’s a sign of my patriotism in my nation and my service during several combat tours as a special operations medic.”
“Finally, if you’re referring to the hat I’m wearing because it includes an elk, you may not comprehend what I’m saying.”
“As co-owner of Evergreen State Outdoors, I am proud to own a firm in the outdoor industry and to support my rights to hunt and responsibly possess a firearm.”

“I ultimately decided to work in the construction industry. I am proud to contribute to the development of America, and I enjoy my work every day.”

“I tried a desk job after leaving the military, but it wasn’t for me.

I appreciate manual labor and being outdoors.

“Consequently, being unclean some days is inevitable.

I have a nice income, benefits, and am able to support my family without difficulty.”

So, my appearance has nothing to do with my intelligence or pursuit of a higher education.

I left them with a simple parting message: “Have a good day and try not to condemn people before getting to know them.”

Best wishes for her little girl.”

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A rude mother ridicules a “dirty” stranger in a store, so he reveals his true identity on Facebook…
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