Even after 25 years of marriage, those twins have difficulties identifying their wives… Look at their kids!

Dagg and Phil Malm, twins, wed Jill and Jena, also a twin, and the three of them have lived together as a large family in the same home for the past 26 years.

Both spouses have worn the same outfits and hairdo for all these years.

Only 250 sets of family twins exist worldwide.

Even after 25 years of marriage, the men acknowledge that they occasionally misunderstand their wives.

The Malm siblings and their wives all work at the same place and wear the same outfits.

“Unfortunately, there are moments when I find it difficult to tell them apart, so I mimic Jena’s actions to see their responses. We never get too near to one another, says Phil.

Tim, the son of Phil and Jena, is 20 years old, while Riley, the daughter of Doug and Jill, is 21. In a single large house, they all reside.

At the Twins Festival in 1991, the tale of strange couples officially began.

The Lassen sisters traveled from a nearby state to attend the party. The girls shattered the camera during the festival and asked Doug and Phil, two guys, for assistance.

They had a brief moment of chemistry and spent the following day together. The brothers’ age difference from their brides is exactly ten years.

Following the event, they traded addresses; it took them some time, though, to track down the girls’ phone numbers. Since they were hundreds of kilometers apart at first, they just spoke on the phone.

Doug experienced great luck the next year when he won a Caribbean cruise and invited the twins along.

Then, Phil says, “my brother and I went to their hotel lobby and said: “Choose one once and for all.” We stared them square in the eyes and didn’t know which Jena we were talking to.

A few months later, the girls entered the twins’ tournament, where they won first place and received a marriage proposal from the Malm brothers in addition to winning first place.

The dual nuptials happened in August 1993. Before making their decision, Jena and Jill tried on 53 outfits.

It’s interesting to note that the brothers did not spend as much time together before discovering their soul partners; they had different friends and attended school in various locations.

As a result of the sisters’ unbreakable bond, Phil and Doug felt it would be best to keep Jena and Jill together after the wedding.

Twins’ children are similar to one another. Riley acknowledges that people frequently inquire about her relationship to Tim. However, they have distinct personalities and passions.

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Even after 25 years of marriage, those twins have difficulties identifying their wives… Look at their kids!
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