The Making of a Legend: Archival Photos from the Set of Titanic

James Cameron’s film «Titanic» can safely be called a legend. At one time, he earned 11 Oscar statuettes and the endless love of viewers around the world. It’s impossible to watch it without tears, even if you’ve watched it ten times already.
But still interesting to see what was behind the scenes. After some digging on the Internet, we found some archival photos from the set and today we will share them with you.

The filming took place in the 90s, at that time there were not particularly cool computer graphics and special effects. Therefore, for realism, expensive scenery was made, and there were a minimum of graphics.


Cameron is a director who often gets into the frame of his work. And all because he is always side by side with the actors, he controls their every movement, every look, and even the position of their hands. James is a true perfectionist.



In the film, many scenes were filmed in the water. And for the actors to feel all the emotions, the water was icy. And then they all warmed themselves in a pool of warm water so as not to get sick.
Although the film itself is dramatic, there was always a rather friendly and positive atmosphere on the set.


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The Making of a Legend: Archival Photos from the Set of Titanic
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