The idols of our youth — what they look like now

Time flies very quickly and we do not have time to follow its course. And our favorite stars are not getting younger. In today’s selection, we have included the stars that we were crazy about in our youth and whose fame reached us when we were young. Let’s see what they look like today.

Jennifer Aniston

Now the actress is 53 years old. And she’s beautiful.

Alain Delon


The sex symbol of the 60s is already 86 years old.

Alexander Shirvindt


The actor is 87 years old. He is still young.

Maggie Smith


Maggie is 87 years old, she is so charming.

Adriano Celentano

The famous singer is 84 years old. He remains optimistic.

Sophia Loren


The Italian actress is 87 years old. And it’s still the same brilliant Sophie.

Johnny Depp


At the age of 59 Johnny.

Barbara Streisand

Barbara is 79 years old.

Dmitry Nagiev!


The actor and TV presenter is 55 years old.

Ornella Muti


She doesn’t look 67.

Britney Spears

The 37-year-old singer was influenced by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Richard Gere


The beauty of the 72-year-old actor has not faded over the years.

Mickey Rourke

The actor is a boxer, and at the age of 69, he is incredibly charming.

Pamela Anderson


Now the sex symbol is 52 years old.

Robert DeNiro

The 78-year-old actor looks great.

Al Pacino


The charming actor is already 81 years old. Time has no power over its charm.

Cameron Diaz

Now the beloved actress is 49 years old. Of course, age is noticeable, but Diaz is still beautiful.

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The idols of our youth — what they look like now
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