Photographers captured Robert De Niro, 78, and his new partner.

Due to his multiple affairs over the course of his career with notable singers, actresses, and models, Robert De Niro has long been regarded as a heartbreaker. Then he met common stewardess G. Hightower, everything changed.

Except for the girl herself, who didn’t think her husband would quit his side job of writing novels. The Hollywood star once considered divorcing his wife because he was sick of her constant jealousy.

In 2003, De Niro’s health started to decline. Grace went back to her beloved and started to tend to him. They agreed to meet up again in 2004 because the man enjoyed the attention.

Unfortunately, this promise was not to be kept. Even though the couple split three years ago, the divorce process is still in progress. And it’s not the kids’ fault; it’s the awful state of the well-known actor.

On the other side, the handsome 78-year-old man won’t become bored. The man was seen with a stranger on a yacht back in the summer. De Niro and his three kids were recently spotted strolling beside a girl.

She is a master of martial arts named Tiffany. We know that the couple met while working on the 2015 film “Intern,” which was their first collaboration. The woman is currently 62 years old, yet she has a much younger appearance.

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Photographers captured Robert De Niro, 78, and his new partner.
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