She gave up everything to marry the Maasai warrior. 14 years later, how do they live?

Many years ago, Corinna from Switzerland was on holiday with her lover in Kenya when her heart was captivated by a Maasai warrior and her life altered abruptly.

At the age of 27, she had a fashionable clothing business, she was prosperous, she had a personal life, and the wedding was approaching.

But Corinna was unhappy with her life, despite the fact that she earned more than the groom.

And the prospect of meeting a man who was unlike any other man she knew piqued her interest: “This Maasai has completely captivated my attention. “I couldn’t eat anything.

The Maasai are Kenya’s last uncultured tribe, and the government has many issues with them.

But Corinne didn’t care; she didn’t notice when people laughed at her in Nairobi or the white hotel, or when the female visa extension personnel wrenched at her temple.

Her anointed one was little more than a loincloth and a pair of goats behind his spirit, and he lived in a cow dung-smeared shack.

Then there’s malaria, pregnancy, running your own grocery shop, and disappointment.

The intellectual disparities grew so clear that Lketingi felt envious of his wife, and Corinna took a life-changing choice to flee to Switzerland with her kid.

She lied to her spouse and flew away after leaving many notes for her loved ones.

She returned 14 years later, when her daughter Napirai became an adult; previously, she was scared to enter the nation for fear that Lketinga would ban Napirai from returning.

Her ex-African spouse struggled to survive her escape; he was dismissed from the warriors and began to drink heavily.

Corinna now resides in Switzerland and paints.

Lketinga has had another family and multiple children for a long period.

In the shot, he appears to be depressed. Divorces are frowned upon in his culture, and his wife’s flight has harmed his status.

Corinna Hofmann authored “The White Maasai,” a historical book, about her time in Africa and thereafter.

But Corinne is no longer alone. She has been uploading images of herself abroad with a man her age on her official social media website for a long time.

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She gave up everything to marry the Maasai warrior. 14 years later, how do they live?
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