Unique triplets who were born in 1987. What do they look like now?

On April 25, 1987, unique triplets were born in Dublin, whose peculiarity was that they were completely identical (identical twins). The girls’ names were Nicola, Laura, and Alison.

As is often the case, twins are usually confused, but parents always know where and who. But not in this case. Even the biological mom and dad couldn’t always tell the girls apart.

As the sisters grew up, they became real beauties, and they started getting offers to try their hand at modeling. Their parents were against a career at such a young age, as they thought their children should have a childhood.

But when the girls turned 16, they became models anyway.

Today, the Crimmins sisters have become real celebrities in their hometown. They often attend fashion shows and various events. They are photographed for fashion glossy magazines. In addition to popularity, the modeling business brings the girls a good income, but also imposes certain restrictions, because the uniqueness of these girls is not in their beauty, but in the appearance similarity.

This identity of Alison, Laura and Nicola forces the girls to lead an almost identical lifestyle. They wake up together in the morning, go jogging together, eat the same foods, and do the same exercises at the gym. They also go to the same stylist, makeup artist and cosmetologist. All three beauties are 180 cm tall, weight — 54 kg, they have the same waist and bust.

As the sisters themselves say, this lifestyle does not weigh them down. They really enjoy spending time together, because there are no closer and closer people around.

They also like when people around them pay attention to them, because it’s not every day you meet exactly the same, besides such beautiful ladies.

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Unique triplets who were born in 1987. What do they look like now?
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