A boy who was taken two years ago was discovered imprisoned behind a wall in a secret chamber and at Grandma’s house.

Ricky Chekevdia, 4, and her mother vanished in 2007. He was confined in a small, secret chamber in his grandmother’s Illinois house, according to police, and his mother was to blame. 2007 Ricky is seen during a wedding in West Frankfurt, Illinois, in August.

How did Ricky Chekvedia able to wrap a 12 x 5 foot distance after such a long time? Shannon Wilfong, Ricky’s mother, is accused of abducting the boy in 2007 following a violent fight with Ricky’s father, Mike Chekvedia. Ricky’s parents were caring for him jointly at the time. This family photograph includes Rick and his father.



Police in Illinois accused 30-year-old Shannon Wilfong with felony criminal mischief after finding his 6-year-old son, Ricky Chekvedia, in a tiny room concealed behind a partition in Wilfong’s mother’s house. Diana, the infant’s grandmother, was charged with encouraging Dobbs.

The information led law enforcement to Diane Dobbs’ home in Franklin County, Illinois, where Ricky Chekevdia’s grandmother resides. The young man was being held captive in his Dobbs home, according to Marshalls and Illinois police. Additionally, according to the police, Rick was not permitted to leave the house in the nighttime or even approach the window and open it. His room’s roof was just 4 meters in height.



Diane Dobbs, Ricky Chekvedia’s grandmother, claimed that Ricky’s father, Mike Chekevdia, was physically violent and tried to protect the youngster. He said Rick had used the great bulk of his energy beyond the confines of the room. Mike Chekevdia, a former Illinois National Guard police officer and lieutenant colonel, has rejected all charges. Dobbs is accused of assisting and assisting.

At their August 2007 wedding in West Frankfurt, Ricky Chekevdia presents Ellie to her father, Mike Chekevdia. Ricky vanished shortly after this photograph was taken. On September 4, 2009, he returned after police had already discovered him in the mystery chamber of his grandmother’s house.



Mike Chekdia, on the right, was photographed with his son before to the baby’s birth in 2007. Ricky had just watched the baby’s discovery from his vehicle window, he claims. Chekydia says she likes not to push her son, but she is unlikely to catch Rick in his everyday activities and compel him to reconcile with their dog, Ace.

Ricky Chekydia, who was on exhibit here before his 2007 arrest, was reliant on the government as of August 8, 2009. The 6-year-old remains his father’s lone buddy with Mike Chekdia, despite being held captive for two years, according to authorities. According to one of the judges, the major purpose was to reconcile the father and son.

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A boy who was taken two years ago was discovered imprisoned behind a wall in a secret chamber and at Grandma’s house.
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