Two sisters spent 300,000 $ on plastic surgery and showed what they used to look like – the before and after photos are stunning

In an effort to obtain “perfect features,” twin sisters Chie and Chika Yoshikawa are well-known in Japan for frequently spending money on plastic surgery.

You would believe Chie and Chika were entirely different individuals if you compared the way they looked in their early twenties to the way they appear now, at age 34.

Their looks, noses, and even eyes have radically transformed from the photos you see of them on social media.

The sisters claimed that they had spent about 40 million yen (19,579,600 rubles) on cosmetic surgery. These included facelifts, filler injections, and many procedures on their eyes and nose.

The twins don’t regret a thing, despite going through a lot of discomfort and recovery time as a result. Chie and Chika assert that because they were always being compared to children, changing their faces became their fixation.

Whether it was because of their physical traits or their intellectual capacities, each person wanted to single out one of the sisters. Their mental health was greatly impacted by the repeated comparisons, and they eventually developed a habit of checking themselves in the mirror frequently to hunt for imperfections.

When they were mature enough, they recognized that having surgery was the quickest method to enhance their appearance. Since the sisters underwent different operations, Chie and Chika no longer have the same appearance.

One user branded Chie a “pig nose” when they first started posting pictures of themselves on social media, and she took the nasty remark to heart. She then requested that her plastic surgeon shorten some of the cartilage and lower the tip of her nose as a result.

Some of her fans commented, “It’s a mistake, it was better before,” when she showed the revised appearance. She, therefore, kept making image adjustments. Despite having five surgeries in succession, the girl eventually came to the realization that she would never be able to please everyone.



The elimination of fat from the corners of the mouth is one of the girls’ most recent treatments. Their cheeks had fat reduced as well.

The twins acknowledge that plastic surgery can go too far but yet feel that it has improved their lives.

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Two sisters spent 300,000 $ on plastic surgery and showed what they used to look like – the before and after photos are stunning
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