“I was staring at your hips.” Kim Kardashian in a turquoise swimsuit asked for compliments from men

The 42-year-old TV star starred in an advertising campaign for her own brand SKIMS. She changed several images and locations. Kim first wore a brown bikini: a long-sleeved, strapless top tied at the front with a drawstring and tanga panties. The mother-of-four opted for brown peep-toe heels to match the color scheme of her swimsuit.

Kim placed her right hand on the hood of the brightly colored car parked next to her. The platinum curls of the model were dissolved. She accessorized the bikini with a pair of oversized sunglasses but decided not to add any other jewelry to the look. A fluorescent lamp worked above the car, while sunlight fell on Kardashian herself.

Kim then moved on to bright, saturated colors. She wore a turquoise spaghetti strap top and high-cut panties. The reality TV star posed in the back seat of a silver motorcycle, which was parked on an ornate black-and-white oceanfront veranda. For another shot, Kim posed in the same blue miniskirt. She took off her trendy sunglasses as she stood in front of the palm trees.

The TV presenter, who launched her brand SKIMS back in 2019, additionally donned a neon green one-piece swimsuit while lounging on a sun lounger covered in a green towel. Kim modeled a strapless monokini with large cutouts at the front and back. Kanye West’s ex-wife also posed in the driver’s seat of the yellow car. All images were processed in retro style.

Kardashian fans left compliments for her. However, some did not like the processing of frames.
“Why was this shot on potatoes?”, “Too pixelated”, “It looks like a video of the zeros on the Internet”, “You are starting to resemble Donatella”, “It’s hot! ”, “And she wonders why they are not invited to the Met Gala this year”, “I like the idea of ​​​​a vintage photo shoot”, “I was staring at your thighs”, “The heroine of my favorite TV series”, “The Sultry Queen”, the followers said.

However, Kim regularly works on her figure in the gym. She has been working with a new coach for three months now. A business woman performs various exercises with weights and resistance.

“Today I’m going to show you guys some of my workouts. Three months have already passed with Senada Greka. We lift weights two hours a day and work out five or six days a week. My goal was to gain muscle mass and become strong, I can already see such a difference. I am proud of our joint efforts,” said Kim.

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“I was staring at your hips.” Kim Kardashian in a turquoise swimsuit asked for compliments from men
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