“Nobody expected this from her.” Shy Anne Hathaway dressed in a spicy suit

The 40-year-old star of the film “Witches” became a guest of the Versace fashion show. The couturier postponed the show of the autumn-winter collection until the end of Milan Fashion Week, deciding that in Los Angeles all attention would be focused only on this event. Kendall Jenner, Naomi Campbell, Vittoria Ceretti, Irina Shayk, Jill Kortlev, Emily Ratajkowski and Gigi Hadid appeared on the podium this evening.

Donatella Versace creates clothes that inspire confidence and encourage femininity. Ann took this motto into account while preparing for the event. The actress appeared on the red carpet in a daring sexy image. The mother of two children appeared in a leather mini-dress with a voluminous skirt. Hathaway paired the outfit with dark tights and platform ankle boots.

The Hollywood star adorned her neck with a massive silver chain and a similar bracelet. Ann was holding a miniature handbag to match the outfit.

The actress left her hair loose and covered her face with dark glasses. Ann coquettishly moved along the carpet and took the best angles in front of photographers.

Among the spectators of the show was Paris Hilton. A young mother found time to take care of her 1.5-month-old son and came to the show. Paris did not change her tastes and relied on maximum radiance. The 41-year-old model and designer appeared in public in a silvery mini-dress. Hilton completed the look with rhinestone gloves and sparkling stilettos.

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“Nobody expected this from her.” Shy Anne Hathaway dressed in a spicy suit
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